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Activities – Something for everyone

Doune, Deanston and the surrounding area is fantastic for the great outdoors, with something for everyone. A large variety of outdoor pursuits and indoor activities are on your doorstep or within easy reach.

The village is set south of the Grampian mountains, protected on the north by the Doune braes and sitting just outwith the bustle of the newly formed Loch Lomond national park. A short trip in each direction will take you north to Crief, east to the Ochils, south to the Campsie Fells and west to the breathtaking Trossachs and its numerous Lochs including Loch Venachar and Lake Katrine.

Within the villages and hinterlands there are plenty of good walks and also opportunities for cycling and horse riding as well as beautiful locations for lazy picnics by the River Teith and wild flower meadows in the shadow of Doune Castle.

For visitors and residents there’s a range of activities to cater for all tastes from bird watching at the Argaty Red Kite Centre, nature trails at the Doune Ponds, to sports including cycling, bowls, cricket, curling, football, as well as numerous community groups running everything from bridge evenings to bookworms.

For those who like life in the fast lane (either in a car or bicycle) see dounehillclimb for motorsport events. There’s also a range of Classic Road Tours taking in the best sights and scenery that central Scotland has to offer. For the motor enthusiasts there’s also the world famous Doune Hill Race in April.

Younger members of the community can start at the toddler group and then be set free to roam in the wide open spaces Doune has to offer before going to the local youth club which runs a range of activities to keep them occupied and entertained.

For a complete list of group, clubs and societies in the area go to Community Groups. Otherwise, explore the many free activities you can enjoy in and around Doune, Deanston and the surrounding area here.

Community Groups
Baby and Toddler (and Parents) Group

Contact Name: Suzy Marchant
Contact Email:

The Doune Baby and Toddler Group meet every Thursday from 10am until 12 midday (term time) in the Muir Hall, George Street, Doune.
The group welcomes birth to pre-school children accompanied by their parent or carer. Most children attend the group until they are old enough to start nursery.
The sessions consist of free play for the children with a break for a drink and snack. We also arrange arts and crafts and often have visitors to conduct structured activities such as music, dance and bookbug story time. We have a wide variety of toys, play equipment and resources for babies and toddlers.
For adults, the group provides a a great way to meet new friends and to gain informal support from each other.In addition, you will enjoy a nice, hot cup of tea and a snack to keep you going until lunch! We welcome Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Childminders!
Each session costs £1.50 per adult, £1 per child (includes snack, drink and activities). Babies 6 months and under attend free of charge.
Please email to contact Suzy if you would like more information. We look forward to meeting you!
Doune Baby and Toddler Group is a registered charity. No: SCO22248.

Bakery Garden & Petanque

Contact Name: Irene Tulloch
Contact Email:


Contact Name: Deborah Hackett
Contact Email:
Contact Number: 01786 841269

Doune & Deanston’s friendly book club. We meet on the third Thursday of the month at 7.30pm in the Information & Heritage Centre, and on the last Wednesday of the month at 10.30 am – also in the Information Centre. Refreshments are provided so you don’t have to worry about baking up a storm to impress us! We welcome everyone; if you haven’t read the book of the month, come along anyway, listen to the varied opinions, and help us put the world to rights too. There’s a minimal charge to cover costs.

Bridge Players

Contact Name: Susan Wilson
Contact Email:


Contact Name: Sarah Lauder
Contact Email:

Community Action for Deanston

Contact Name: Ken McAlpine
Contact Email:

The aims of the organisation are to generally improve the quality of life in, and raise the profile of, Deanston and its environs. To improve and enable access to the range of social, educational, and employment opportunities available to the public at large for the benefit of the inhabitants of Deanston and its environs.

In furtherance of these aims, CAfD will:

  1. Associate with, and make representations to appropriate local statutory authorities and voluntary organisations to the benefit of the inhabitants.
  2. Facilitate and organise educational, recreational and other leisure-time activities within Deanston.
  3. Disseminate information regarding developments and activities relative to the inhabitants of Deanston and its environs.
  4. Pursue the establishment of better community facilities.
  5. Generally raise the profile of Deanston, and
  6. Undertake any other objectives that enable CAfD to achieve its aims.

The group meet on the first Wednesday of the month (during school terms) at 7.30pm at Deaston Primary School and anyone is welcome to come along and have their say and get involved.

Cycling Circles

Contact Name: Ray Donaldson
Contact Email:
A new family cycling club called Cycling Circles has started. This club will be recreational based and not competitive. This is a great time to join.

Cycling News
To pledge support for the cities safe for cycling campaign click on this link:

The Scottish Bike Show will take place at the SECC in Glasgow over 13th, 14th and 15th April. There will be something for everyone including bikes, brands, clothing, displays, competitions and loads more. Bike space on Edinburgh-Inverness trains is increasing to 4 spaces during the winter and to 6 spaces during the summer.

Local Cycling news
A Cycling Circles Facebook group has been created to help communicate to members click on the link to see more cycle, email
An Active travel plan for Doune Primary School is being proposed and will take approx year to complete.

A free cycle strategy event is planned for Thursday March 8th 6 pm – 10 pm, hosted by CycleStirling. it will include a buffet. See CycleStirling for more details.

Sustrans Scotland
A report from the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee gave Sustrans Scotland a welcome boost in our campaign to re-instate the budget for active travel. The Committee is concerned about the ability of the Draft Budget to deliver on the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS)

New work by researchers from two London universities, published in the journal Preventive Medicine, is very welcome. They studied the behaviour of 8-13 year-olds, to look at whether children compensate for participating in physically active behaviours by reducing activity at other times or alternatively become more active at other times. The researchers found no evidence of activity compensation, indicating that “interventions increasing activity in specific behaviours may increase activity overall”. Better still they further report that non-school active travel showed increased activity with children visiting friends and playing more.

The evidence is growing that active children do better academically. It has been thought that a healthy body makes a healthy mind and that an active lifestyle supports learning. More recently, evidence has begun to appear showing that an active lifestyle can also contribute to improved cognition. A study in Texas, in 2010, looked at academic and fitness test records for over 250,000 students found their academic performance was related to cardiovascular fitness, independent of other socio-demographic and fitness variables. It showed a dose-response association – the more active they were, the better the students performed. The researchers concluded that fitness was strongly and significantly related to academic performance.

Summer is a good time to go outdoors for the sunshine and fresh air. Cycling is the perfect activity for people of all ages and abilities. If you are thinking of getting back on your bike then join Cycling Circles and start by picking flat short routes to build up your confidence and fitness first.

We have recently obtained the statistics for the Doune to Argaty Cycle path , part of NCN 765.Between March 2007 and December 2010 over twenty three thousand journeys have been completed on this path. That’s about 500 journeys a month. Wow! Lots of local people are cycling around Doune then.

Three good reasons to cycle:

  1. Riding your bike is fun and you makes you feel fabulous. Cycling is one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to be healthy. It can increase your balance and co ordination, strengthen muscles, joints and relieve stress. It does not have the impact issues on your body that running may create.
  2. Recently Stirling council finished the Dunblane to Doune cycle route NCN 765 and also improved other parts of the National cycle network in Stirling as well as starting to signpost the Stirling city routes.
  3. As petrol prices keep rising, driving is costing us all more while cycling is free! Reduce your car use and create less carbon and pollution. Why not take your bike for a short trip into the shops instead of using the car? This will make you healthier and ease the local parking issues.

Three great motives to join:

  1. The Cycling Circles club will allow members to share the knowledge of the best and safest routes with its members. It may bring some structure to the informal groups that cycle at the moment.
  2. It enables like minded people to connect with each other to find similar ability buddies to cycle with.
  3. It will encourage more people to cycle by giving them more confidence and reducing fears around safety. We could organise regular get-together events which may range from a few hours long cycle at a leisurely pace followed by lunch in a local pub to a weekend away cycling on interesting routes, Its up to you.

In 2011 British Cycling surveyed over 1,000 women to find out what was discouraging them from cycling. Results showed that safety concerns, lack of knowledge of routes and having no-one to cycle with were the key barriers. Joining Cycling Circles will help solve these issues. Join Cycling Circles club.

Dance Fitness Classes - Young at Heart

Young at Heart Gold dance fitness classes, intended for older adults:

Young at Heart – Gold (Dance fitness class for active older adults) Tuesdays from 9.30-10.15am.
Young at Heart – Gold (Dance fitness class for active older adults) Thursdays from 11.30am -12.15pm.

For further information please contact Janice Klemer at 01786 860251 / 07565 182259.

Deanston Football Club

Contact Name: John Meek
Contact Email:

Deanston Parent Council

Contact Name: Ken McAlpine
Contact Email:

The roll of the Parent Council is to work with all of the school community for the benefit of the children and young people in the school. Its aims are to:

  1. Support the school generally, working with pupils, parents and staff (funds/expertise/lobbying);
  2. Improve the contact between the school and the local community, whilst raising the profile of the school in the greater community (events in school/articles in The Bridge, Observer); and
  3. Make it easier for parents to get involved by raising any views/comments/suggestions put forward by parents and reporting back (website/newsletter/meetings).
Doune & Deanston Business Association

Contact Name: Doune Business Council
Contact Email:

Doune & Deanston Keep Fit Classes

Contact Name: Mary Wallace
Contact Email:
Contact Number: 01786 842239

This class takes place every Monday, 6.30 – 7.30pm in the Rural Hall, Doune with SQA-qualified Fitness Leader, Diane Dixon. Each class costs £4, and is aimed at adults of all fitness levels and abilities. A typical class covers: warm up/stretch; aerobic/cardio workout; core work/toning/muscle strength, followed by a stretch/relaxation.

According to the Dept of Health (2011), adults need to undertake regular, moderate intensity, physical activity that will cause you to get warmer and breathe harder and make the heart beat faster. We also need to strengthen muscles which involve using body weight or working against a resistance for all the major muscle groups. Well, that’s what we do every Monday, so kick-start your week of physical activity with a great exercise to music workout.

Doune Angling Club

Contact Name: Mike Brown
Contact Email:


Doune Angling Club membership is reserved for anglers staying, or were born – within a one kilometre of Doune Cross, and to previous residents of one year at least, subject to the limited numbers stated in the Club Rules.

We have access, on specific days, to fish the Ardoch Burn and River Teith by kind agreement with the estates and landowners for Salmon from 1st February to 31st October, and Trout from 15th March to 6th October, with the annual Ziolkowski competition on an evening in June.

To find out more contact Mike Brown at

The Anglers Beild

Anent R L Stevenson (A mile an’ a Bittock)

At Meen’sters Dib there wis a hut
Mair huvvel, neether ben nor but
Nae shelter faan the wunds did cut
An’ a beild maun rise,richt shairly!

Auld Kilmadock noo happit, lost
Its stanes like banes powk throw the frost
On Feb’rys wuntry smoor and hoast
An’ a beild wid rise, richt shairly!

Sae ane or twa thae Fisher laads
Wid yoke the yird wi picks an spaads
Tae trum alang aul dykie wa’as
Tae foond a beild, richt shairly!

Abeen the bank o’ tummlin Teith
Wis Bob n’ Dave fair oot o’ breeth
Faan dargin sair thae foonds tae keep
A new bigg’t beild, richt shairly!

It helpit weel wi Fairmers wheels
The Ludges sa’an n’ graivel steer’d
Hein’ oot tae ha’and the wurkin cheils
Tae big th’ beild, richt shairly!

Noo Davies blocks n’ Dougies mixer
Ca’ad bi Mike n’ Bob the fixer
John barra’t fraachts o’ rinny slegger
Tae foond thon beild, richt shairly!

The skills o’ Maister Stane man Jim
Wid match the kintra roon in trim
Kil-madock’s auld kirkyerd wid hymn
Tae praise that beild, richt shairly!

The hale braw clan o’ wullin helpers
John’s sate, The Trust, a’an monie Fisher’s sillers
His wrought fur’s aa’, fair happy winners
Tae yaise that beild, richt shairly!

© mhb Broon fae Doune 06/03/2010

Doune Bowling Club

Contact Name: Les Wallace
Contact Number: 01786 841996
Contact Email:

Doune Castle Bowling Club welcomes new members from 8 years old and up. The season opens at the end of April.
We have a Thursday ROLL UP and try session which starts at 2pm weather permitting and all are welcome.
We have our own club website with over 600 photos of games and members on it.

Doune Cricket Club

Contact Name: Ken Russell
Contact Number: 01786 841241
Contact Email:

Doune Cricket Club is a village cricket club, with grounds located at The Grazings, behind the Doune Primary School. Last year we competed successfully in the midweek West Stirlingshire League and also hosted and took part in a number of evening and weekend friendlies against other clubs and organisations in the surrounding area. Over the winter, we continued activities by playing 6-a-side indoor cricket at Grangemouth and more recently, in the McLaren leisure centre in Callander. Outdoor training will start on Thursday 17 April at 6.30pm in the tennis court area in the Moray Park, using soft balls until the ground is dry enough to transfer back to The Grazings, behind Doune Primary School. Thereafter practice will take place on Thursday evenings starting at 6.30pm, when teams will also be selected for the following Sunday and Wednesday mid-week games. Additional training facilities will be made available on Tuesday evenings for members who cannot attend the Thursday evenings or are wanting to concentrate on developing some part of their game. In the event of wet weather, we will revert to the Moray park on Thursday evenings for cricket training. Newcomers are welcome to try or dust off your old skills.

If you are interested in having a go, please look at the links below for more information, or just come along to the practice nets and say hello.

Doune Curling Club

Contact Name: Val Saville
Contact Email:

Doune Curling Club has been in existence for over 275 years (since 1732 to be exact) and is keen to keep going for another 275 years! For that to happen we need new and experienced curlers to join us. If you are interested in playing the ‘roaring game’, whether experienced or novice, we would be pleased to welcome you to our club.

We play at the Peak fitness centre in Stirling between mid September and early April. For people new to curling, group lessons are organised by the Peak throughout the playing season with the aim of giving everyone the best of starts to playing and understanding the game.

Doune Keep Fit

Come along to our aerobics and legs/bums/tums classes. Will suit a variety of fitness levels and is a good all-round class in a relaxed environment.

Every Monday, 7-8pm in Rural Hall, Doune

For further info contact Diane: 07970 329874 or Mary 07968 666432

Doune Parent Council

Contact Name: Judy Warburton
Contact Email:

Doune Walking Group

Contact Name: Information Centre
Contact Number: 01786 841250
Contact Email:

The group meets on the last Saturday of the month, as well as a mid-week, mid-month day. The walks vary in difficulty. Distances are generally 7-10 miles, and involve some climbing. All are within an easy drive of Doune and we share transport. The meeting place is the Castlehill Carpark at 9.30 am. Walkers are responsible for their own health and safety, and provision of suitable clothing, equipment and refreshments. Contact the Information Centre, 01786 841250 or phone 01786 841662 for more information.


Saturday 28 May: De’ils Cauldron & Glen Lednock Circular
Tuesday 14 June: Ben Cleuch circular
Saturday 25 June: Den o’Scone
Wednesday 13 July: Stuc Odhar
Saturday 30 July: Comrie Ross
Tuesday 16 August: Glenartney Triangle
Saturday 27 August: Glen Lochay

Entertainments Committee

Contact Name: Alison McAlpine
Contact Email:

Football Club

Contact Name: Willie Docherty

Grosset Fair Committee
Halls Group

Contact Name: Sally Heaton
Contact Email:

Kilmadoch Community Allotments Group

Contact Name: Nigel G. MacMillan
Contact Email:
Contact Number: 01786 841 725
Address: 31 Springbank Road, Doune, FK16 6DU

The Kilmadock Community Allotment Group was formed in 2008 to try to establish allotments for the community and to encourage vegetable growing through open days and talks. In October 2011, Moray Estates kindly offered to lease us land and community allotments are now well and truly established!
The allotment field is situated in Doune, near the Moray Park, between the Argaty Road and the cycle path.

There are full plots (approx 20m x 8m), half plots and quarter plots, with plot rental priced at £44, £22 and £11 per annum respectively.
Please do get in touch with Kerry Watkin, Membership Secretary if you would like to join the waiting list or if you have any queries.

Kilmadock Community Council

Contact Name: Alison McAlpine
Contact Email:

The Community Council is a forum for local opinion and democratic action. It is the lowest tier of Scottish local government, elected by postal ballot by all on the electoral register every three years. It is consulted by Stirling Council on all planning and licensing applications in the area, and makes representations to public and private agencies on all major economic, housing, transport, environmental, policing and social issues affecting the locale.

The Council is elected in two wards, the Doune ward (8 members) and the Deanston ward (3 members). Two further seats are reserved for youth members from Doune and Deanston students attending High School, and these two seats are currently vacant, so, if you think your views and those of your peers are not being represented, please do get in touch with us.

Community counsellors stand as individuals and are debarred from standing for political parties or religious interests. They receive no financial allowances and the annual budget of the K.C.C. is approximately £600.00. K.C.C. meetings are open to the public and are held on the 2nd Monday of each month (excluding July and August). The January and June meetings are held at Deanston Primary School, the others are in the committee room at the Muir Hall. We start at 19.45.

If you have issues you want to raise with the K.C.C. please do not hesitate to make contact through the secretary Alison McAlpine on email, or letters may be deposited in the Information and Heritage Centre, 52 Main St, Doune FK16 6BW.

James Innes (chair)
James McKenzie (vice chair) – Deanston ward
Alison McAlpine (secretary)
Jim McGroarty (treasurer)
Richard Bird
John Blackwood
Alisdair Buchanan
Deborah Hackett – Deanston ward
Sue Harvey
Douglas Morrison
William Warburton – Deanston ward.

Community Council elections are held every three years, the last election was held in November 2013, when Jim McGroarty and Deborah Hackett were elected to fill two vacancies.

Kilmadock Development Trust and Information Centre

Contact Name: Kilmadock Development Trust
Contact Email:
Address:The Woodside, Stirling Road, Doune FK16 6AB

To find us, go to The Cross in the Main Street and then go down George Street, past St. Modoc’s Church, and The Woodside is on the right. The Centre is at the far end of the building.

The opening hours are:
10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday & 10am to 3.30pm on Sundays.
Telephone: 01786 841250. E-Mail:

There you will find:

  • Tourist & local history information
  • Local guides & walks leaflets
  • Maps for walking, cycling & touring
  • An extensive range of new books on Scotland, on local information & history
  • Postcards & handmade cards
  • A range of interesting locally crafted gifts
  • Colour & black & white photocopying up to A3 & laminating
  • Internet Access
  • Booking details for The Rural Hall

About Us:
The Kilmadock Development Trust was inaugurated as a company in August 2000, but had set up as a group under the “futures initiatives” in 1997. As one of the early Community Trusts we were at the forefront of this development in Scotland and the model has been rolled out throughout both the National Parks and in communities across Scotland.

With a changing and rotating Board of Directors comprising 15 local people, we have taken forward a range of community projects and brought in over £600,000 to the community, and we now own the Rural Hall and the rear of 52 Main Street outright as tangible assets. We are lucky to have very generous financial support from the community magazine, The Bridge, and a range of community groups who always give what they can to support us in kind, or in other ways.

The Trust acts as a catalyst for many of the local groups within the community, and since its inception has gained the support of more than 100 active local volunteers. It is a membership organization, with over 160 members. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, or has an interest in the Kilmadock area, and costs just £1. Application forms are available from the Information Centre.
The Trust is registered in Scotland, company number 210142. Scottish Charity number SC030459.

The following projects are examples of what has been achieved and also what is on-going: One of the most prominent Trust projects is

This was set up in what was formerly Macalpine’s Bakery in the Main Street, initially as an Information Centre as well as an administration base and meeting place for the Kilmadock Development Trust. The bakery was refurbished with funding of £9,000 from grants. The Trust obtained a grant of £5,000 from the John Jamieson Munro Trust to re-publish Moray S Mackay’s Doune Historical Notes. Following successful fundraising for the Heritage Project, (£70,000), the Heritage Centre was also established within the premises and a professional historian employed. The project has helped to preserve, archive and celebrate the heritage of Kilmadock for both the local community and visitors. Our lease for the 52 Main Street premises was terminated in late 2015 and we re-located to the premises at the Woodside Hotel. The Centre is open seven days a week and is staffed by volunteers; since opening it has provided tourist and local information, to around 100,000 visitors. It has become a key social centre, providing a meeting place and base within the community for a wide variety of local groups.

A number of organizations started up under the wing of the Trust and later became independent. One of these was CAfD; The Trust obtained £60,000 funding for development to support its creation. CAfD has a Facebook page which is regularly updated :

The Trust also provided an initial base and staff support to kick start the DDYP by raising £4,000. An independent project group was then established with its own charitable status and a further £20,000 of funding obtained for a new base in the Moray Park. DDYP has continued to attract large amounts of funding and support.

The KDT provides support to the Kilmadock Community Allotments Group

The Rural Hall is an on-going project. The transfer of ownership of the Hall to the community was completed in June 2010. The Hall has been extensively refurbished and has had, to date, around £80,000 spent on it.
We were awarded £23,100 from the Climate Challenge Fund along with grants from the Lottery, Community Pride and the Wind Farm Trust. In addition fund raising events are held throughout the year, including the very popular Spring concert series.
The Hall is used regularly by the Beavers, Brownies, Scouts and the Top Ten Club, plus Keep Fit classes and Puppy Training! It is used extensively by local groups and organisations for meetings, presentations and social occasions, plus it is also a popular location for children’s’ (& grown-ups) parties.
To book the Hall contact the Information & Heritage Centre – see details at the top of this page.

The Trust cooperates closely with other village organizations. First among these is the KILMADOCK COMMUNITY COUNCIL with whom the Trust has worked on a number of important issues, including creating the Community Action Plan (CAP), upgrading of the two tennis courts in Moray Park into a multi-sports facility (costing £60,000) and obtaining £1,000 of funding for equipment, and raising £11,000 to restore the Mercat Cross. The Trust and the KCC were the key players in the creation of the Wind farm Trust, which distributes the community benefit from the Braes of Doune Wind farm in the form of grants to local organisations. It is the Trust’s charitable status which makes this possible, and the Trust is responsible for reporting to OSCAR, the charity regulator.
The KDT supports a number of Community Events including the Annual Plant Sale, the Christmas Street Fair, and the Senior Citizens’ Outing (Grosset Fair). It also helps organise and obtain funding for the hanging baskets in Doune.

Since the community had expanded significantly with the building of new houses in both Doune and Deanston, and it had been over ten years since we last consulted with local people, we created a Community Action Plan, CAP, in 2013 to collate the needs and vision of the whole community. This can be viewed at the Information Centre.

Kilmadock Parish Church

Contact Name: Maggie Blyth
Contact Email:
Contact Website:

Kilmadock Society

Contact Name: Karen Ross
Contact Email:

Kilmadock Windfarm Trust

Contact Name: Anna Clark (Administrator, Kilmadock Windfarm Trust)
Contact Email:

Over the next 25 years, the communities of Kilmadock stand to benefit from almost £1 million. To receive money, local groups must apply for a share of the index-linked £36,000 that is available annually. The application form is simple, and help is available from the administrator. The process for assessing applications is fair and transparent, and the Windfarm Trust Board discusses each application in full before any decision is taken. Deadlines for applications are quarterly: end of February, May, August and November.

The following notes describe the purpose and process of the Trust grant system.The aim of the Trust is to support any project that provides benefit to the community of Kilmadock. In practice this might mean projects which are charitable, educational, community, environmental, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable development and general community amenity schemes or projects, either capital or revenue. Other novel and imaginative projects will also be considered.

The Trust will consider applications from any organisation including clubs, schools, parent groups and community based or other similar organisations. Normally such organisation would be based in the community but providing the benefit is for the community this may not be essential. If in doubt then please ask the Trust for further information or guidance.

Priority will be given by the Trust to projects where more appropriate funding sources might not
be available. The Trust is particularly keen to consider co-funding projects, particularly where acting as a co-funder may enable the release of other larger funding from elsewhere. The Trust is unable to fund feasibility studies or other pre-funding works where commercial companies are involved.

The Windfarm Trust has been set up as an independent body and will be solely responsible for assessing applications and drawing up spending plans. However, under the terms of the agreement with Airtricity there are a number of things which we cannot fund: promotion of any specific political or religious purpose; projects already funded through the public sector or that are against the interests of energy conservation or energy efficiency; or against the interests of the Operator, its shareholders or the Landowner; therefore all plans are subject to ratification by Airtricity and in some cases by the Landowner.

Projects may not be considered if they have traditionally been funded by other organisations, where that funding is still available. Applications for funds that are already spent or committed may be rejected.

The Trust will receive a sum of money to allocate annually. It will consider applications every 3 months (see current timetable overleaf) and will endeavour to allocate funds equally over the year. Please note however the Trust is more likely to be able to allocate funds to larger projects at the beginning of the annual cycle. In the event that there is not sufficient grant left in any one year the Trust may be able to part fund a project in one year with completion the following year or may hold applications over to the following funding year. Multi-year projects can be considered.

Any award will be subject to the “Conditions of Award” set out overleaf and you will be required to submit a completion report and provide receipts for the money you have spent. The Trust will be entitled to reclaim any grant which has not been spent or which it considers has been wrongly used.

The Application Form attached is intended for modest single year projects (under £3000, although this limit is to be at the discretion of the Trust). It must be completed in full and sent either electronically to or on paper to:

Kilmadock Windfarm Trust, c/o 52 Main Street, Doune, FK16 6BW

Applicants for larger and multi-year projects should complete the application form as an initial approach and summary of your project but will need to complete a more detailed application form before your project can be considered.
Application Forms are available from Kilmadock Information Centre, Doune Library and Deanston Post Office. It is also available on line

Decisions on grants to be made quarterly as follows:
Application deadline Target for Announcement of decision
End August Mid October
End Nov Mid January
End Feb Mid April
End May Mid July

Conditions of Award

  1. Monitoring:You must submit a project completion report within 3 months of the completion of your project, to include copies of all receipts. For multi-year projects we will need a monitoring report to be submitted prior to each additional payment being made.
  2. Any money not used for your project must be returned to the Trust within 3 months of the completion of your project.
  3. Should your organisation fail within 5 years of the award, any assets purchased with the award must be returned to the Trust for re-allocation.
  4. The Trust shall be entitled to reclaim any funds that it considers have been wrongly used.
  5. It is the responsibility of your organisation to ensure that assets bought with the award are properly insured.
  6. Grants are awarded on a one-off basis and you should not assume that a further grant will be made unless stated.
  7. Publicity for your project should acknowledge the source of the funding.
Petanque Players

Contact Name: Information Centre
Contact Number: 01786 841250
Contact Email:

One of the many fun things you can do is have a game of Boules or Petanque. There’s a petanque pitch in the Bakery Garden, behind the Information Centre. This is available for all levels of ability. Apply to the Information Centre, 01786 841250, for the loan of boules. Plastic ones for children are also available. Anyone wanting to join in informal games during the summer leave contact details in the Information Centre or phone 01786 841785.

Red Kite Community Nursery

Contact Name: Alison Stewart

Red Kite Community Nursery opened in 1972 and is open 5 mornings a week to children from age 2 years 9 months to school age.
We are owned and managed by the parents of the children attending and are a registered Scottish charity (No:SC016050) and a member of the Scottish Preschool Play Association (SPPA).

We are in partnership with Stirling Council which allows us to offer free, Government funded places to all children the term after their third birthday. Like any council run nursery or partnership nursery our practitioners are fully qualified and registered with the SSSC. Similarly we follow the Curriculum for Excellence, and are inspected annually by the Care Commission and regularly by HMIe. Our provision is also monitored annually by Stirling Council.


Rotary Club of Callander & West Perthshire

Contact: The Rotary Club of Callander & West Perthshire

Rotary is an international organisation, with more than 1.2 million members that supports charities and good causes throughout the world. The Rotary Club of Callander & West Perthshire, founded in 1971, is your local branch.
We know everyone has limited free time, but Rotary provides one place where you can contribute to a huge variety of activities and give something back to local communities and further afield. Activities at our club include Primary School quiz, Ben Ledi charity walk, Golf AM-AM competition, international projects such as Shelter Box disaster relief support and End Polio Now. We actively support local communities and charities; one example we are currently developing is our support for the Doune Ponds improvement programme.

Being in Rotary is enjoying the company of like-minded men & women from a variety of backgrounds, to give something back and at the same time enjoy fun events together. We currently have over 30 members, drawn from Callander and the surrounding district – Doune, Deanston, Dunblane, Gargunnock, Brig o’Turk and beyond. We meet on a Tuesday evening in the Dreadnought Hotel, Callander, congregating in the bar between 6pm & 6.30pm, before proceeding to the Teith Room for dinner, good chat and often an entertaining after-dinner speaker.

If you would like to find out more about our ethos and activities, you will always be made welcome so come along and join us on the first Tuesday of any month. Alternatively, you can contact us by email: for an initial chat to find out more. Further information is also available on our website: and our Facebook page, at: We’d be delighted to hear from you!

School - Deanston Primary

Contact Name: Beverley Donald
Contact Email:

School - Doune Primary

Contact Name: Jane McManus, Headteacher

School - McLaren High, Callander

Contact: McLaren High School, Mollands Road, Callander, FK17 8JH.
Phone: 01877 330156

McLaren High School is situated on the southern edge of Callander and is the only secondary school in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. Pupils from the twelve primary schools in the “cluster” (including Doune) automatically transfer to McLaren High School. The catchment area extends from Tyndrum in the north, to Blairdrummond in the south and Inversnaid in the west. The current school roll is 639 pupils.

A major programme of new build and refurbishment was completed in 2008 and pupils and staff are benefiting from excellent facilities for learning and teaching.

McLaren High School has been in existence since 1892 and has a successful history of providing a quality education based on a clear sense of purpose. The school’s aims and values – Order, Respect, Care and Achievement – are agreed, understood and accepted by the whole school community.

The Good Schools Guide recently reviewed McLaren High School and in their view McLaren High School is:
Comprehensive indeed and a much admired school. In its idyllic situation, a close knit community in heart of romantic landscape, the ‘very positive ethos of the school based on its core values and high quality relationships between staff and pupils’ (2007 HMI) seems hardly surprising. It is, however, a tough, well-organized and self-critical school as well as warm-hearted, doing a sound job for a very diverse population.

For more information about McLaren High School please visit

Sports Group

Contact: Joanne Chodyniecki

The Doune and Deanston Community Sports Group helps to organise a range of sporting activities for people of all ages and skill levels. Annual membership is £2 for adults, £1 for children, or £5 for the family.

When adult members join or renew their membership (either individually or as a family) they will be issued with a membership card. This allows members to hire the sports club equipment via the Information and Heritage Centre. The equipment includes exercise bikes, tennis nets, table tennis tables, and basket balls.

Current classes include:
Monday Keep Fit/ Aerobics Rural Hall 6:30pm Adult
Tuesday 5-a-side football Dunblane High 7.00pm Adult
Wednesday Zumba Rural Hall 6.00pm Adult
Wednesday Yoga Deanston Primary School 7:30pm All

There is also an Indoor Sixes Cricket Tournament. For more information contact Ken Russell in the There are also plans to resume an After-School Sports Club for children.

The Harvey Gala 6km & 2.5km Fun Runs which are on Sunday 12th June. The races start in Moray Park with £2 entry for adults and 50p for children. Registration opens at 09.30hrs and the starter gun sounding at 10.00hrs.

The Sports Group is currently looking for volunteers to help with their activities. To volunteer or find out more information on the above contact Joanne Chodyniecki at

St Fillan's RC Church

Contact Name: John Charters

St Modoc's Church

Contact: Rev. Alison Peden


Contact: Joan Dent

Doune & District SWRI celebrates its 90th birthday next year, 2012. Being a well established Rural Institute we are often overlooked as being “old fashioned” and would like to change this image. We currently have a membership of 28 and meetings are held once a month in The Woodside Hotel. We have a varied programme.

Being part of a National Organisation members may participate in National Events such as study tours, summer schools, walking weekends, classes for handcrafts and housewives’ crafts, to name a few. Various charities are also supported.

With all the new houses being built in Doune and all the new folks moving into the village we would welcome anyone interested in joining us to get in touch.

The Bridge

Contact: Juliet McCracken

The Bridge’ is the community newspaper for Doune, Deanston and the surrounding area. It has now teamed up with to extend the fantastic work it has been doing for many years to a new dynamic online audience. You can read the latest front page here and get the full newspaper from the Information & Heritage Centre or a number of other outlets in Doune. You can also download an annual subscription form here (coming soon) and look back over the newspaper’s archive editions here.

University of the Third Age

Contact: Callander & West Perthshire U3A, Marguerite Kobs, Upper Benview, Main Street, Buchlyvie, FK8 3LT.
Phone: 01360 850 722

Callander & West Perthshire U3A was founded in 2012 and is the 41st group to be formed in Scotland, part of the University of the Third Age (U3A); a nationwide movement of self-help, self-managed cooperatives for older people no longer in full time work, providing opportunities for their members to share learning experiences in a wide range of interest groups. Our website has the latest news, a list of our interest groups, together with timetables, contact details and a membership form. We begin our new session in September and welcome enquiries at any time.

For more information about the U3A please visit:

Youth Project

Contact: Karen Ross


Business: Deanston Yoga Class
Business Type: Iyengar style Yoga Class
Address: Deanston Primary School, Teith Road, Deanston, FK16
Classes: Wednesdays during term time, 7.30-9pm. Check Facebook for latest changes to dates and times.

Business: Mind your Yoga
Business Type: Yoga for Groups & Individuals and Thai Massage
Contact: Maya
Address: Blairdrummond, Community Hall
Phone: 07799 736611
Classes: Wednesdays 5:30 – 6:45pm