The June meeting of the KCC was held at Deanston and although this was the AGM, the meeting turned out to be a fairly routine occasion. A number of KCC members were absent owing to them being indisposed for medical reasons or being out of town. Jim McKenzie chaired the meeting and managed to get through the evenings proceedings in a quick and orderly fashion.

Not a fair cop
There was no police presence which was a bit disappointing although there was a police report. Having a police report is not the same as having a police presence meetings as it is always good to discuss local matters face to face rather than simply read a report; and one can get the feeling that the report is simply produced to illustrate crime statistics rather than getting down to dealing with potential local problems before they happen.

Making connections
Our local councillor was also absent owing to him being called into an important Stirling Council meeting at the last minute. However, we did have a lady representative from SC who was there to guide us through the correct formalities of the AGM. She also advised us about the new policy of Stirling Council having closer connections with community councils. This was a follow up to a recent meeting in Doune between the Chief Executive of Stirling Council and local KCC members. We wait with interest how this new policy from SC will materialise.

On the roads
The various representatives all had their say on the areas that they look after. Richard Bird talked about roads in the area, not that there was much to say. It was noted that the Station Wynd improvements had not yet started and the Graham Street lane job seemed to have been done but not as had originally been indicated on the works drawing.

Transport Scotland were supposed to be looking at the footpath down to the Teith Bridge but no firm report back yet. At this stage one of our lady guests raised the question of how dangerous it was to push a wheelchair across the Teith Bridge going from Doune to Deanston. Now that there were more people travelling on foot over the bridge it was agreed that this is a subject that needs to be revisited. Richard Bird commented that he would raise it with Transport Scotland (who are responsible for the A84 road) and it was also suggested that the local MSP be informed of the concern.

Whilst on roads, another guest commented on the yellow lines at Castlehill or more to the point how Stirling Council had never come back to us since the matter was raised some time ago. (Hopefully it will be easier to get some answers to these sorts of questions if SC’s new policy of cooperation comes to fruition).

Cleaning up
John Blackwood gave us a run down of street cleaning and how the “big clean” had been postponed for a short while. Weed killing on the footways was also mentioned and that a new contractor was about to be appointed. Local shop keepers had been handed a letter about keeping the area in front of their shop clean and tidy and it was noted how the hanging baskets made a difference to the look of the village.

Family day at the Ponds – 21st August
John went on to talk briefly about the ongoing success of the Woodland group and paid a compliment to Tony Farrage who is one of the driving forces behind this Woodland project. It was also noted that a visit had been paid to Camphill by members of the group as part of the “working together” plan for the Doune Ponds and woodlands. Also that there is to be a Family Day on 21 August at the ponds, so put that date in your diary.

Electric car charging point
Two other important matters cropped up at the meeting. The first was a guest who came along to promote the installation of an electric car charging post in Doune. Now this is something that seems to be taking off across the country and the idea that having a charging post in the village will attract more visitors who will spend their money whilst getting their electric car charged before moving on up to the Highlands. Watch this space on this one.

Saving lives
Following the request from one of the Doune Churches about having a defibulator handy (outside of normal working hours) Dougie Morrison (KCC member and our local Fire and Rescue senior officer) gave us all a demonstration on how to use one of these machines. The question of where to locate it and how we go about getting one for the village was discussed and hopefully this matter will be sorted and reported before the next KCC meeting in September.

That was it and the next KCC meeting will not be until September.

Birdman 17 June 2016