Well the first meeting of the 2016 turned out to be a fairly routine affair with no arguments or controversy at all.  However…

There were plenty of guests which was good because we were down on community councillors for one reason or another and we did not see a policeman. In fact we did not even have a police report to discuss. There were three sets of guests who had come along to make a point or comment about their particular area of interest.

Speed Kills
The Station Wynd guests spoke about the recent proposals from Stirling Council about plans to reduce the speed of traffic, apply some new yellow lines and install a speed hump on Station Wynd (I think with the loss of only one parking space).

These proposals were welcomed by those residents and generally welcomed by the KCC, so for once we could have a win win situation.

Lines and signs
Next were the Castlehill residents who had put forward proposals to install and sort existing yellow lines and signs in that area. KCC advised that Stirling Council Roads had been spoken to about this and that further correspondence would take place particularly in light of the proposed Co-op development at Castlehill.

Two residents from Moray Street came along to discuss the difficulties of parking spaces, particularly when there was a sporting event at the playing field opposite. It was agreed that the KCC would approach Stirling Council with the objective of getting them to supply a load of subbase to the other side of the playing field in order that the large potholes could be filled in and therefore encourage sporting users to park on that side of the Moray Park.

Next up was the report from Councillor Martin Earl. Now Martin’s report was very brief, in fact it was one word, “cuts”. He went on to explain that that the budget cuts for Stirling council were going to be much greater that had originally been feared. Instead of three million worth of cuts, it was now over six million pounds and that meant that some drastic action was on the cards.

Not quite sure of the reaction from the KCC on hearing this news, suspect it was partly fear of what we were to expect and partly “give us the money and we will do a better job” (just as the community did with the ponds project when they took over from SC).

New health centre, Christmas lights and the old church
Jimmie Innes gave his brief chairman’s report which included the recent successful public meeting on the new health centre and thanks to those who helped remove the Christmas lights in Doune.

Some concerns were expressed about the old church clock tower and its safety along with some concern about planning gain money for the proposed Moray Park facilities.

Best foot forward
On footpaths and leaves, John Blackwood was to contact his cleaning man in SC to see if the gang could come out and do something about the leaves on the footways now they had stopped falling (the leaves not the gang). Richard Bird gradually hid under the table when numerous comments and report on how the road was breaking up in Main Street and around Doune.

Nothing to report, apart from controversy
Nothing much was said about planning because there was not much to say apart from the fact that the proposed Co-op development was still a very controversial issue with now another parking survey been carried out, only this time from the objectors to the scheme.

The Ponds were mentioned with some work to be carried out on the wooden bridge but not so much had been done recently because of the appalling weather.

That was it, and for once we finished our KCC meeting much earlier than is the norm.


12th January 2016