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Val Morgan

The recent burst of beautiful spring sunshine made me think about the perpetual motion of life around the village and the world in general. The Lolly Pop lady does her duties, the shops open and the passing traffic comes and goes relentlessly. Life never stops. Children play, birds sing. From moment to moment, day to day, life rolls on.

Whilst living in a beautiful place like Doune is a blessing, I, like many others, still take part in the Rat Race in which we seem to tirelessly work and strive just to survive. I often get so caught up in the next priority that the rest of the world ceases to exist and the passing of my own life and the life that’s around me isn’t given a second thought. Whilst I’m always racing against a clock, it’s almost like time in the wider world stands still.

When the sunshine hit me the other day it made me pause and think. Spring has come around again. Another year has gone by, another lies ahead. I was so absorbed in the mundane that I thought life had stood still. But ultimately there are only a finite number of springs for each of us. I should pay more attention, take courage when it’s needed, and live life to the full. At some point our perpetual motion will stop. Handprints

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