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Read the latest report from the most recent meeting of the Kilmadock Community Council here.

Well this month’s meeting was quite tame compared to some of our earlier meetings this year. We did have a group of guests but they did not say a lot, just came along to listen I guess. We even had a police officer in the form of WPC Lorna Deans who told us that she had just come from the Callander Community Council meeting, so with two local meetings in one night maybe things are starting to look up in the area of community policing.


WPC Deans gave us a rundown of the local crime report and particularly mentioned the matter of poaching on the Teith and how there had been a bit of aggressive behaviour from potential poachers when challenged by members of the public. The police advice was simple, don’t get involved in an altercation but simply dial 101 or 999 and let the police come and sort it.

Bins, roads and leaks

Councillor Martin Earl was in attendance and he gave us a run down on the proposals for the new bin lorries, new bins and how the system was going to work. In particular he gave us advice on not to believe anything until the final information sheet was published, so watch this space.

We also learned that the report in last month’s Bridge that the 50% cut in the roads budget was not quite correct; in fact it was more confusing than informative, (well that can happen when dealing with statistics and numbers). Well there are cuts, but the roads budget will be 3.614 million pounds, so whichever way you look at it, Roads in Stirling do not get a high priority, but then we all knew that.

Martin also told us that there will be improvements to The Cross in Doune, so that is good news and one assumes that the ongoing water leak by the wedding dress shop will have been fixed by then. In fact the water leak had scared one well known young resident, who lives adjacent, to take out flood insurance and go to bed wearing flippers and a wet suit! Martin went on to talk more about local roads so much so that the KCC roads rep had nothing more to add.

KDT & the Co-op Decision

Moving on to the Chairs report Jimmie gave a rundown of the KDT AGM and went on to mention the recent planning meeting concerning the proposed Coop store in Doune. In fact the following statement was issued from the KCC to ensure everyone was aware of the outcome.

At a well attended meeting of Stirling Council Planning Panel hearing in Old Viewforth, the Panel decided to refuse Rubicon’s application to provide a new store at Castlehill. Five one minute Presentations were made by the Applicants and by the Objectors; after which the Planning panel members asked questions. Refusal was recommended and the matter did not go to a vote. Councilor Alycia Hayes also made a contribution to the discussions. The meeting was well attended by local people, some Community Councilors, KDT members and Councilor Martin Earl.   We do not know if there will be an appeal against this decision.

Poo problems

Next up for discussion was more about the nuisance of dog dirt which appears to be a problem that plagues most rural communities. Someone talked about some new chemical spray that makes the dirt disappear before too many people tread in it. I suppose it is a bit more subtle than lobbing dog dirt bags into the trees as they do in Deanston.

Good news...

Good news reports came from the Woodlands group and how the Easter Egg Hunt had been a massive success and that financial contributions on the day had exceeded all expectations. More good news with the new Deanston football playing field saga looking at last if it is all coming to an end with Stirling planners getting a grip on the Section 75 Agreement with the developers AT LAST!.

Other news was talk about various grants available to communities for various suitable projects along with progress on the plans to tidy up the Doune War Memorial. That was more or less it for another month.

By Birdman


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