Key Buildings & Historical Sites

Camphill Blair Drummond: The present three-storied baronial house, designed by J.C. Walker and built in 1868, replaced an earlier home. The house was sold in 1977 to a charity, the Camphill Trust. It is currently a community for adults with learning difficulties, established in 1975 and guided by the principles of Rudolph Steiner.

Another famous landmark is the Teith Bridge built by Robert Spittal a Royal tailor in 1535. The story goes that Robert Spittal had no money to pay the ferryman and was refused passage. He later funded the building of the bridge.

Gartincaber is the family estate of the ancient Doig family. The Gartincaber tower is a well-known landmark, built as a dovecot for the keeper of the house it is said to mark the centre of Scotland.

The Muir Hall was a gift from Sir A.K. Muir of Blair Drummond and was built at the same time as the War Memorial in 1922.

The Clock Tower was built in 1929 in memory of Lady Muir of Deanston who was a generous donator to Deanston.

Deanston House was the original home of the Drummonds in the 1500s (Walter Drummond, Dean of Dunblane). James Smith later owned the house when manager of the mill, as did the Muirs. Over the years it has been a private school, a hotel and a nursing home.

The Mill of Torr was designed to use water to wash the peat moss off the land and allow farming.

Camphill Blair Drummond

Teith Bridge


Muir Hall

Clock Tower in memory of Lady Muir of Deanston

Mill of Torr